Made in collaboration with the farmers of the Coldiretti association, Prime Terre is the controlled supply chain project that proves Molino Casillo's commitment to sustainability and protection of the territory. Produced at km0, these flours are obtained from wheat grown and processed entirely in its regions of origin. Ideal for fragrant and tasty recipes that preserve the authentic aroma of the regions that gave life to them.
Choose our flours and semolinas made with 100% selected Italian wheat to give taste to your recipes and add value to the territory of our magnificent regions.

All our supply chains are controlled and certified by CSQA, a certification body that operates worldwide in the food industry, public administration, public, social and sanitary services, tourism and service industries.

Why did we choose to have a "Traceability System in the food and agriculture supply chains"?

• Because we want to enhance the particular characteristics of each product, including its origin and territoriality.
• Because we want to meet the expectations of customers and consumers who are increasingly attentive and informed about the origin of the food they eat

Evident Advantages

• Defining the history and origin of the product
• Ensuring compliance with hygiene, health and product quality requirements
• Informing and responding to explicit and specific consumer requests
• Communicating specific information to the main professional and non-professional users
• Identifying the possible responsibilities of each operator in the supply chain

For further information:

The PRIME TERRE® supply chain is open to organisations operating in the industry sector of bakery products and products obtained from wheat processing.

Download the regulations to know the rules of conduct of the Organisations that intend to communicate the use of PRIME TERRE® semolina and flour.


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